Creating safer buildings and communities

For over 25 years Abatemaster has been a premier environmental and abatement services company in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia

Creating safer buildings and communities

For 25 years Abatemaster has been a premier environmental and abatement services company in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia

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Navigating the complex landscape of local, state, and federal abatement regulations is a task best left to seasoned experts. Ensuring your liabilities and potential exposures are managed competently, Abatemaster provides an unparalleled level of service based on our extensive experience spanning a quarter of a century. We partner with our clients to deliver optimal, tailored abatement solutions, so you can focus on your core business.

Each project we undertake is meticulously planned and executed, targeting key aspects like environmental impact, public safety, health risks, employee safety, and efficient recycling processes. Our robust pre-planning strategy is the cornerstone of our operations, providing the foundation for optimal outcomes every time.

Over the years, we have successfully remediated a diverse range of contaminated interior spaces, including but not limited to walls, ceilings, floors, and HVAC systems. Our specialization extends to various properties such as: commercial buildings, schools, industrial sites, institutional facilities, hospitals, multi-family buildings, and single family homes. Rest assured, our dedication and expertise mean a safer, cleaner environment for all involved.

Serving North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia

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Abatemaster has over two decades of experience as an environmental and abatement services company.  We take great pride in our reputation of providing quality, timely services at competitive prices.  Our "get in and get out" approach gets your job done quickly and gets you back to doing the things you need to do.

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Industry leader in abatement and remediation

A trusted industry leader

With ever-changing local, state and federal abatement regulations, it’s important to know that your liability and exposure is being handled by the best.

We’ve worked with our clients for almost 25 years to make sure they have the optimal solution.

Creating cleaner environments

Creating healthier environments

With each project, we tackle environmental issues, public safety and health risks, employee safety hazards and recycling processes. We always devote a great deal of time and energy to the engineered pre-planning phase to ensure optimum results.

Abatemaster environmental and abatement services

Projects done right and on time

We’ve successfully remediated all types of contaminated interior spaces, including walls, ceilings, floors and HVAC systems and specialize in remediation for commercial buildings, schools, industrial sites, institutional facilities, hospitals and multi-family buildings.

My home suffered a major roof leak which led to problem after problem. Abatemaster was contracted to clean out all the asbestos that was found. Rob came out for the inspection. He spent extra time with me to answer all my questions and quell my concerns. Josue and his crew were tasked to do the demo and removal. I could not be more impressed by them. The entire crew was kind and courteous, and they took no time in getting to work. Originally I was told this project would take all day. However, this crew knocked it out in a few hours. Josue was kind enough to walk me through their work to ensure my satisfaction. I highly recommend Abatemaster.

~ Brittany B.

Desmond and his team were extremely proficient and through in their work. They were great to work with and very communicative in regards to the process. They ensured the area was completely sealed off and contained during the removal process. Post removal the air quality was tested to ensure nothing was floating on the air. Ultimately once they left I was able to resume my normal activities in my home without any interruptions - almost as nothing had ever happened. I highly recommend this company to others... in particularly Desmond and team which took care of this for my family and I.

~ Martin P.

I couldn't be more pleased with asbestos removal job. All of the employees I've worked with have been awesome. Angie, Desmond, and Rick and his crew have all been top notch. Rick and his crew arrived early this morning to tackle 1 room with 2 layers of flooring and another room with 3 layers of flooring. They started promptly upon arrival and finished the job prior to the estimated time. Desmond has been available to answer any questions I've had and has gone above and beyond to explain things. And Angie always finds the answer or knows who to have call me back. Excellent company!

~ Alisa

If you need asbestos work or information, please look no further. I was so freaked out about purchasing my first home with asbestos ceilings - like most things, the fear comes from ignorance. JJ is the absolute best. He was able to quickly come out to the house, make measurements and evaluate the states of my popcorn ceiling from the 70’s. JJ eased my worries and put together an excellent proposal, answered all of my questions and then some. He was courteous, kind-calm while I was freaking out. I can honestly say I’m far more educated now, less fearful of the asbestos situation in my home and happy to keep using this business in the future all thanks to JJ. I’m happy to recommend this business, and eagerly giving out the information to my co workers looking to have their ceilings scraped too! Thanks so much, JJ and Abatemasters!

~ Dobbs

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